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All gemstones and pearls are real, and ethically sourced from fair trade suppliers. Nothing else in the jewelry world comes close to matching the beauty of authentic semi-precious and precious gemstones, which is why they are the main feature on many of my pieces. Let me know your favorite gemstone and I’ll be happy to customize something for you!


My copper jewelry is handcrafted (by me, Monica) with authentic 99.9% pure solid copper C110 recycled electrical wire sourced from all over the USA.

Copper is a safe metal that many people have worn throughout history as jewelry, clothing accessories, and even protection. It's also popular for its potential health benefits.


Copper (Cu) is a natural element that tarnishes over time when exposed to oxygen. It will also react to other chemicals, including perfumes and the salt in our sweat (that's what turns your skin green). As a result, it is not recommended that copper jewelry be worn 24/7 as doing so can increase the chances of it reacting negatively to your skin.


To help prevent this, all products are treated with a multi-layered protective coating. This coating is not permanent. Over the years, the more you handle the jewelry, the faster the coating can wear off.

Wire wrapping is a genre of jewelry that requires pliable wire to be bent and shaped into each finished piece. During this process, the wire naturally hardens, is hammered for more security, and finally tumbled to strengthen it further. It will retain its shape. However, if you try to bend it, treat it aggressively, step on it, or it gets smashed, it WILL be distorted and possibly break. Do not place your wire wrapped jewelry in a bag, pocket, or any small movable space without protection.


If you damage your jewelry, please email me at with a picture of the damage, and I will let you know your options for repair.

Handmade jewelry is unique and one-of-a-kind because it is made by hand, not by a machine. This means that each piece is slightly different from the next, even if they are made from the same materials and design. This is what makes handmade jewelry so special and desirable.


Here are some of the slight differences that you can find in handmade jewelry:


  • The shape and size of the stones or beads may vary slightly.
  • The metal may have a slightly different finish.
  • The overall design may be slightly different.

These differences are what make handmade jewelry so special and unique.

My copper jewelry is handcrafted (by me, Monica) with authentic 99.9% pure solid copper C110 recycled electrical wire sourced from all over the USA.

To make your jewelry, I use special tools including nylon covered pliers to bend, shape and weave wire and gems together into beautiful jewelry. Once I'm satisfied with the shape, I then go through a very detailed process of buffing and polishing to get the best shine possible. 

After that, I gently put it through a hardening process to ensure your jewelry stays intact. Finally, I add 3-4 coats of protectant to make sure your jewelry lasts for many years to come.

For antique looks, I go through a special patina process that will age your jewelry dramatically. I then go back through the polishing process again so that only the parts I want will shine. 

All ear wires are made from surgical steel and are hypo-allergenic. You can comfortably wear my earrings even if you have sensitive skin. If, however, you do have a reaction, please let me know and I'll be happy to refund them upon return. Other options can be made available if surgical steel is a problem for you.

Do not wear your jewelry 24/7. Wearing while showering, sleeping, or participating in strenuous activities can damage your jewelry. Rings especially should be taken off when washing your hands and should not come into contact with hand sanitizers. Apply any perfumes, lotion, etc before you put on your jewelry.


I finish each piece of jewelry with at least 3 - 4 layers of a protective coating to keep it looking beautiful for years. Each item also comes with an air-tight bag with an anti-tarnish strip for storage. Keeping your copper jewelry in an air-tight bag or container will slow the inevitable tarnishing process.


If your jewelry starts to look a little dull as the coating wears off, you can use the included pre-polished jewelry cloth to bring back the shine.


Sometimes cleaning is necessary (accidents happen!), so just wash it using only your fingers and maybe a thin cloth with lukewarm, soapy water. Don't use anything harsh, abrasive, or with chemicals. Dawn dish detergent works great! Then, dry with a soft cloth that will not snag (no terry towels!).

That’s it!

Do not let it air dry as that could lead to faster tarnishing. 

After a few years of wearing and taking care of your jewelry, the protection will eventually wear off and begin to tarnish, as copper will naturally do. That's why I include a polishing cloth with your order.  If you no longer have it, you can get polishing cloths from just about anywhere these days. If you're unable to find one that works, let me know and I'd be happy to send you one. 

Do not use or submerge your jewelry into a cleaning solution.

Again, for the people in the back…

Do not use or submerge your jewelry into a cleaning solution!

Doing so will remove the intentional antique look and will take you decades to naturally bring it back.

I'm always designing new jewelry and occasionally I realize that I could never make it again, so I make it available to you as a one of a kind piece. These items are already created so what you see is what you get. If you see something you like but it's sold out, contact me to see if it can be made again. Please be aware and understand that if I am able make it again, it probably won't look exactly like what you see.

Please contact me to discuss the possibilities.

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