About Regine

Hi! I’m Monica, designer, artist, and founder. Regine means “Queen” and I think every woman has a little bit of Regine in them. So I wanted to make jewelry that is unique and will remind you that you are special in every way. Afterall, we come from royalty, Sis, and that makes us Queens!

But there’s much more to Regine than your Queenliness.

You may remember Regine as a character who’s confident, stylish, and always in control of how she appears, but Regine is much more than that! Regine is a feeling, an inspiration, dare I say a movement! 

    • If you are making moves and growing your personal brand, you are Regine! 
    • If the men all pause when you walk into the room, you are Regine! 
    • If your friends come to you for advice like it’s Halloween candy, you are Regine! 
    • If you can find opportunity in almost any situation, you are Regine! 
    • If you look at yourself in the mirror and have a desire to kiss yourself, you are Regine!
    • If you inspire others to bring out their greatness, you are Regine!
    • If you love a good time, however you define it, you are Regine!

Even if you aren’t any of those, you can be whatever you want! Anybody can embody the spirit of Regine!


P.S. If you ever have any questions, suggestions, or just want to say hi, feel free to reach out anytime!

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