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Beautiful artisan jewelry featuring God’s gifts of natural gemstones and metals.

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Black woman, disabled, and veteran owned

Made For This Story, By Regine

Blue Labradorite pendant on a chain by Regine
Three happy women coming out of the ocean.

Remember That Time You...

Swirly earring with a translucent bead by Regine

Imagine wearing earrings that whisper secrets from that girl’s trip (the kind that makes you giggle or blush!) or a pendant that embodies the laughter and friendship of those unforgettable moments. That’s what it’s all about! Wear your memories and let the good times shine on.

Find Earrings that Comfort Inspire  Intrigue Uplift You!

Unique designs              •               Responsibly Sourced              •             Small production

Picture of Monica
Hello, I'm Monica!
Artisan and CEO
of Regine
Made For Your Story​
At Regine, I believe that jewelry should be more than adornment—it should reflect your unique individuality. That's why I pour my passion into each piece, to make sure you're able to relate it to your unique story.

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